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Accounts payable services

Boized.com Accounts Payable services are focused at transforming our customer’s entire payment activity by effectively automating the processes of documents management, transaction management, exception resolution, elimination of duplication and disbursement-related services.

Our Accounts Payable Services offer our global customers the flexibility to outsource all or part of their accounts payable business functions.

The Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services provide you with the advantages of cutting edge technology and skilled staff without having to invest in human resources or buying and maintaining expensive software.

Our Accounts Payable Services:-

We provide Accounts Payable Services to customers all over the US. The end-to-end solution includes the following:

Data Capture: Receipt and management of all paper-based payables documents. This includes:
  • Sorting
  • Batch preparation
  • Scanning
  • Document indexing
  • Document storage and retrieval
  • Receiving and processing incoming mail
  • Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices
  • 100% availability of scanned invoices
Data Processing - Exception Management/Resolution: Resolution and proactive management of exception transactions. This includes:
  • Approval and exception routing
  • Shortened month-end closing process
  • Documented audit trail
Suspect Duplicate Analysis: Audit and control mechanisms to eliminate the risk of duplicate payments and support recovery and reclamation through:
  • Manual and automated data entry
  • Three-way database matching
  • Electronic invoice processing
Disbursement Services: All aspects of payments in minimal time to reduce customers’ floating costs.
  • Print and distribution of checks
  • Secured maintenance of check stock
  • Online check proofing
  • Return check handling
  • Electronic payment handling