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Accounts reconcile service

Boized.com offers professional account reconciliation services for small and medium businesses. Our expert services can help prevent fraud, avoid legal issues and help you focus better on your main business goals. Account reconciliation, defined as the act of confirming whether the actual account balance matches the corresponding bank statement, is crucial to the financial health of organizations. By verifying the accuracy of each account, the account reconciliation team identifies errors and inconsistencies requiring correction, and reconciles the final balance accordingly.

Depending on their size, structure and business goals, establishments often require different account reconciliation services. In order to fulfill this need, Boized.com provides its diverse range of clients with 3 kinds of account reconciliation services:-

(1) Full Account Reconciliation Services

Boized's full account reconciliation services take care of the client's entire financial reconciliation needs. The client provides us with data on checks issued. We then use our automated system to match this information against the checks clearing the client's account. After this is completed, the client receives a full reconciliation report, including checks paid, outstanding items and exceptions. The client can choose to receive the reports via email or FTP.

(2)Partial Account Reconciliation Services

Boized's partial account reconciliation service involves only reconciliation for items requested by the client. Items paid are sorted according to the client's instructions, and a detailed summary of account activity and information on paid checks and stopped items is sent to the client.

(3) Deposit Reconciliation Services

We also provide clients with the choice of using our deposit reconciliation service. This allows clients to gain access to a detailed listing of deposits by logging into a single checking account.

All our account reconciliation services are inclusive of:

  • Check Sequencing
  • Reconciliation reports in electronic files or paper
  • Comprehensive reports in balance with your bank statement
  • Flexible reconciliation periods
  • Input data in client-specific formats