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Financial statement services

Financial statements are important and can never be underestimated. These financial reports and statements are usually prepared on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and allow the related stakeholders to quickly gauge how well the business is doing and how it compares to the previous year. Based on the business or the type of organization, financial statements are often called by different names while serving the same purpose. This includes income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statement, statement of stockholders’ equity, fund flow statements, etc. Numbers revealed through these financial statements play an important role in decision making and help the leadership group to adjust to market demands swiftly.

At Boized.com, we are experienced in working with businesses and offering them with the highest quality financial statement preparation services. We possess the requisite technical skills, and the knowledge required to prepare financial reports in a timely manner.

Our Financial Statement Preparation Services:-

(1) Compiled Financial Statements

We can prepare thorough complied financial statements as necessitated by your company’s management. In this case, we do not verify the accuracy of the numbers and therefore do not hold ourselves responsible for the numbers, but at the same time ensure no accounting errors are present in the financial report. We make corrections and then present the same in a standardized format, complete with a balance sheet or income statement, but without any disclosures or footnotes.

.(2) Other Accounting Services

When you outsource financial statement preparation services to us, we also provide expert accounting services which can help you develop your own systems to generate financial reports. Our teams are trained in handling various accounting software such as QuickBooks® Online, and can assist you in the initial setup, training, or development of the accounting system. We also help you introduce cloud-based financial accounting to help you gear up for the future, while ensuring your financial statements are always prepared before time and with 100% accuracy.

Apart from the above, we also offer the following services -

  • Bookkeeping (monthly / quarterly / annual)
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
  • Adjusting and closing of entries
  • Financial statement analysis and projections
  • Balance sheet preparation
  • Cash flow statements
  • EOY, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Bookkeeping process review
  • Bank reconciliation statements
  • Statement of retained earnings
  • Income statements
  • Trial balance for journal and adjustment entries
  • Ledger preparation