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About Boized Books & Accounting

Boized Books & Accounting LLC provides services in three business segments; Tax Preparation - Individuals and Businesses, Nonprofit Accounting - Specifically geared towards organizations that are 501c3 organizations and churches, and Nonprofit Research Data - IRS provided 990 tax return data organized in a way that may be more useful to stakeholders.

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Nonprofit Accounting

Boized Books & Accounting LLC offers some of the lowest rates in the industry for our nonprofit clients. Our rate for nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting services is $40/hour.

We also prepare 990-EZ and 990-Full tax returns at a rate of $500 and $800 respectively. The rates for 990s assumes that the books are in pretty good order, reconciled, etc and we don't have to do a clean up on them. If clean up is needed it would be billed at the $40/hour rate. Typically nonprofits that have less than $200k in revenue file the 990-EZ. Nonprofits that are over 200k file 990 Full. There are some exceptions, such as if there are foreign assets a 990 full is required regardless.

Alaquest Collaborative for Education

Alaquest Collaborative for Education - Latrice Dudley - Operations Director

Our organization has been working with Boized and Bryan since July, 2019. The Boized team are great listeners who interpret our needs then customize its support. Under Bryan's guidance, our accounting best practices and standard procedures have unbelievably improved. Boized has made it easier for our nonprofit to focus on serving communities with the assurance that our accounting is compliant, streamlined and accurate. If you were to work with Bryan and his team, you'll experience crisp, timely and thoughtful management for your accounting and bookkeeping; no disappointments, no worries.
Spero Dei Church

Spero Dei Church - Travis Spaw - Director of Operations

Bryan and Michaela are the best! They are both super organized and make tracking our finances a breeze. Their extensive knowledge and the willingness to present the information in whichever way is most helpful makes it easy for anyone in our organization to see where we are financially. We are so happy with the work they are doing with us and we look forward to working with them for a long time!
Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands - Betty Cutts - Director and Founder of Blessing Hands Charity

Bryan Anderson of Boized Books has been our accountant for nearly two years now. He is very helpful and knows his accounting. We do the bookkeeping part and then have a monthly meeting with Bryan to balance the books in both China and the USA. He knows how to handle accounting for an international non-profit like Blessing Hands that does projects in four foreign countries. He is willing to allow us to do as much as we can in Quicken, and then he sorts out the journal entries and 990 information. Our quarterly board meetings get up to date professional financial statements. I personally appreciate the respect he gives me even though I am a 74-year-old nonprofit founder with no training in accounting. He does not get overbearing or treat me condescendingly when I ask questions or try to do most things myself to save money. I am relieved that Bryan gives us professional accounting and IRS reporting with a friendly attitude and a can-do attitude. He likes accounting and is always pleased to help our mission. I would recommend him to any nonprofit who needs a good accountant.