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Sales tax services

When it’s time to prepare and file sales tax returns, it inherently becomes a complicated task. If you are a CPA firm you’ll know that handling a large number of sales and tax returns is time consuming as it is labor intensive. Hiring additional staff during the peak tax season is an expensive affair. Fortunately there is a cheaper way to manage your tax preparation tasks while saving cost.

Why outsource sales tax services?

Outsourcing has eased the way in which businesses indulge in tax preparation and filing of sales and use tax returns. Outsourcing saves you the cost of hiring additional staff.

The greatest advantage that outsourcing gives firms is relieving them of duties such as tax preparations and return filing and allows them to focus on strategic issues like growing customers and financial analysis.

Boized.com has realized this need and has been providing tax return and preparation services to companies. By a strong combination of the latest tax software and trained professionals helped by an easy process, we are able to help companies offload their sales and use tax returns needs to us, saving them time and money.

Sales and tax return services

We offer sales tax return and preparation services for the following -

  • Tax registration
  • Tax preparation and filing of returns
  • Sales tax calculations and filings