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935 N Linder Rd Ste 115, Kuna, ID 83634

About Boized Books & Accounting

Boized Books & Accounting LLC provides services in three business segments; Tax Preparation - Individuals and Businesses, Nonprofit Accounting - Specifically geared towards organizations that are 501c3 organizations and churches, and Nonprofit Research Data - IRS provided 990 tax return data organized in a way that may be more useful to stakeholders.

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Tax Preparation Services

Boized Books & Accounting LLC will work hard to find every deduction you qualify for. Pricing starts at $75 for individuals and $100 for married couples filing simple returns which includes federal and state e-filing.

We try to keep prices really low. The following items will probably increase the rate we charge for your returns a bit: 1099 Contractors, Cryptocurrency, owning a business, multi-state returns or income, any other situation other than a standard W-2 employee.

Click Here to Download 1040 Client Intake Form

Please see Nonprofit Accounting section for 990 tax return preparation.