Getting Started

Boized Books & Accounting offers an easy, customer centered solution to outsourcing your bookkeeping needs. @Boized, we are ready to get you started as quickly as you need!

Step 1. Schedule a video or phone call to discuss your needs and expectations. You can contact us at or call us at (208) 917-4208.

Step 2. After identifying your needs, we will help you develop a new strategy incorporating services tailored to the unique requirements your organization and its environment

Step 3. Gather all documents and information needed for smooth onboarding of your organization.

Step 4. Creating and implementing detailed system of processes ranging from basic monthly services to full scope daily bookkeeping operation, payroll management, tax reporting, etc.

Step 5. Depending on the level of services provided by Boized that you choose, once all the needs of your nonprofit have been identified and the plan for your organization developed, we will assist you with your existing accounting software fine-tuning or can provide full software set up, including miscellaneous applications and customer data management database integration and updating.

Step 6. Once all systems have been set up, will begin providing your nonprofit organization with fully customized set of services and alleviate the added burden of having an in-house bookkeeper or accountant, so you can fully focus on the success of your organization and its mission.

Ready to start NOW? Call us at (208) 917-4208